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Sports Massage (60 Min)

Revive your body, improve your performance

  • 1 h
  • 90 British pounds
  • Remedi

Service Description

A 60-minute sports massage and osteopathy session combine two complementary therapeutic modalities to help alleviate pain, restore mobility, and improve overall physical function. Sports massage is a deep-tissue technique specifically tailored to athletes or people who engage in regular physical activity. The massage therapist will use a variety of techniques to target areas of the body that are commonly affected by strenuous activity, such as the legs, back, and shoulders. The aim is to help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and enhance flexibility, which can help prevent injuries and speed up recovery time. Osteopathy, on the other hand, is a form of manual therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal system but also considers the body's other systems, such as the nervous and circulatory systems. Osteopaths use various techniques to manipulate the body's tissues, such as massage, stretching, and joint mobilization, to improve joint mobility, relieve pain, and restore balance and harmony to the body. During a 60-minute sports massage and osteopathy session, the therapist will typically start by assessing the client's condition and identifying any areas of tension or pain. They will then use a combination of massage and osteopathy techniques to address these issues, working on specific body areas and using different levels of pressure and intensity as needed. Overall, a 60-minute sports massage and osteopathy session can be a highly effective way to promote physical well-being and help individuals recover from injuries or manage chronic pain. It can be particularly beneficial for athletes or people who engage in regular physical activity, but it can also be helpful for anyone looking to improve their overall health and mobility.

Cancellation Policy

Appointment Cancellation Policy: Please note that we have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy whereby we charge the full cost of your appointment for any cancellations within 24 hours or for non-attendances. We kindly ask that if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment that you do this at least 24 hours ahead of your appointment time. For our Terms and Conditions, this can be accessed via our website:

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