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At Remedi, we are proud to use the most cutting-edge technology whilst maintaining our ethos. You would have most likely heard Dr Nima discuss his views on energy and its importance in the world we live in.


Put simply, energy is the life force of everything. Everything we do and encounter in life is based on energy. This is why we are thrilled to have partnered up with Erchonia lasers to bring you the Emerald laser, an energy-based wellness device that not only is FDA cleared to help remove on average 6 inches of fat circumferentially in the waist area but also increases energy levels within the body. 

So how does the Emerald laser work?

This revolutionary device allows the body to repair, restore and rejuvenate itself by harnessing the body’s capability to function at a much higher level through cellular activity. This allows the reduction of fat without actually harming the fat cells (we need fat cells for many biological processes) and causes collagen reprofiling, in turn improving the appearance of cellulite.


The laser causes the fat cells to release their fatty acid content for safe removal from the body by the lymphatic system. Consequently, the fat cells begin to function as healthy lean fats cells, transferring the correct messages to the brain and begin a communication cascade throughout the fat organ, causing other fat cells to act in the same way, by releasing their fatty acid content.


How is the Emerald laser different to other fat loss techniques?

If you are looking to reduce fat in a particular area (spot reduction), such as the love handles or under the chin, procedures that kill the fat cells (such as fat freezing) can only temporarily improve appearance. Statistical evidence has shown that within the year, the fat cells will regenerate or grow larger in other areas of the body to compensate for what was taken. The latest research shows that these fat cells can multiply up to 300 billion times and, with time, regenerate in the areas where it was initially removed.


The Emerald fat reduction process does not kill the fat cell. It maintains its endocrine function (required to allow body processes to work optimally). Consequently, this device not only helps you look better but provides cellular anti-ageing benefits due to an approximate 400% increase in ATP, therefore providing you with the energy to live a fulfilled life.



Our revolutionary Emerald laser is the safest and most effective way to lose fat with:

  • No downtime

  • No pain

  • No bruising

  • No freezing

  • No side effects


It has the greatest results for circumferential fat reduction out of all FDA market cleared devices, with an average loss of 6 inches within 10 sessions.


Emerald™ uses 10 x 532nm true green laser beams (monochromatic, collimated, and coherent) to create small transitory pores for the fatty liquids in fat cells to seep out. The fatty liquids are then naturally flushed out through the lymphatic system.

The result is that the fat cells shrink instead of being killed. When this happens, the shrunken fat cells begin to act and function like healthy lean cells, releasing the correct messages to the brain and creating a communication effect throughout the fat organ, causing other fat cells to release their content and return their hormone responses to the positive.

Procedures that have been popular in the past (such as fat freezing) focus on the elimination of fat cells, but recent research has shown this approach to be ineffective, and in the worst-case scenario, providing counterproductive results as the fat may regenerate in other parts of the body, or worse, around the organs.

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