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Kundalini Yoga

Quantum physics has proven that there is no such thing as solid matter, and that everything is created through energy – everything and everyone we interact with is energy. Kundalini yoga uses a combination of mantras, kriyas, mudras and meditations to awaken our “Prana”, which is the universal energy which flows in currents in and around our body.

Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation

This allows us to tackle problems such as depression, anxiety, fear, anger and sadness; all of which have a significantly negative affect on our mental and physical states. Other positive attributes include:

  • Increase oxygen and blood flow

  • Strengthening of nervous system

  • Balances glandular system

  • Reduces stress induced toxins: adrenaline and cortisol

*Please note, failure to attend the class or cancelling/rescheduling without giving 24 hours notice will not make you elidable for a refund.



"Kundalini Yoga changed my life from the very first session. It allowed me to step up and face all the challenges of life with clarity and to somewhat enjoy the process. I feel physically and mentally stronger having incorporated it regularly in my routine."

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