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Head Massage

At Remedi, we aim to take care of all the wellness aspects of your life, including the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. Nurturing these different dimensions of wellness will ultimately help you live the most fulfilled life.


Our serene wellness space will soothe the senses from the moment you step through our doors, with every design feature being carefully crafted and coordinated to bring you perfect harmony.


Our array of holistic therapies includes both state-of-the-art medical devices coupled with true experts in their respected fields. Whatever the ailment, we are here to help you evolve to your truest and best version.


Our ethos is based on the notion of time. Whether we’re looking to turn back the effects of time on our physical appearance through the various cosmetic treatment options; or on a deeper cellular level using our innovative medical therapies; dealing with certain emotional blocks that have stopped us from moving forward; or looking to be more present in the now via our numerous mindfulness classes and workshops; we have you covered.

Our Teachers & Expert Practitioners


Dr Nima    BDS

Dr Nima is the co-founder of Remedi. His wealth of knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of the human psyche has led him to pioneer what he calls his greatest passion project. He has spent years perfecting the art of medical aesthetics, maintaining and enhancing the beauty of his clients; however, realised that his purpose in life was to help others look their best and feel fulfilled and content internally.


He believes that to operate at ones optimum, we would need to apply a 360 holistic approach to the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual aspects of the human form. Nurturing these different dimensions of wellness will ultimately help you live the most fulfilled life.


Qualified as a Reiki practitioner and soon to be a Reiki master, he provides a healing touch to all his aesthetic treatments, where many have commended his painless techniques and calm aura. At Remedi, he heads the aesthetic department as well as is heavily involved in the biohacking lab, with a special interest in sound therapy and healing.

GDC: 245407


Yasmin  BSc, PgDip, INP

Yasmin is the co-founder and director of Remedi. Specialising in integrative medicine, she believes that to achieve optimum health, it is imperative to take a combined holistic approach to health and wellness, covering all aspects of the mental, emotional and physical state. 


Starting her career as a nurse over a decade ago, she worked in various clinical settings, from surgery to aesthetics. After a few years, Yasmin then decided to pursue her passion and furthered her studies in environmental & nutritional medicine with a speciality in IV nutritional therapy. 


Having had the privilege of working with some of the best professionals in their fields, these experiences have given her an insight into the importance of addressing health holistically. She continues to work with a network of specialists to provide the best care possible. She uses the lens of scientifically proven medicine to support her holistic approach to enable her to provide treatments that can help protect the body from environmental damage to prevent illness as opposed to treating illness.

NMC 12I2644E


Dr Diana BChD, PG Cert

Dr Diana Bennett is Remedi's aesthetic doctor. After having completed her Bachelor in Dentistry at Leeds University, she worked as a qualified dentist and has many years of experience under her belt, which in turn has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of facial anatomy and harmony. Realising the impact that aesthetics can have on a person's overall wellbeing, Dr Diana decided to expand her scope of practice. Keen to delve deeper into the world of aesthetic medicine, Dr Diana pursued additional training in non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.


Known for her precision, attention to detail and her holistic approach to aesthetics and patient wellbeing, Dr Diana's treatment plans are meticulously tailored to suit each patients unique needs, ensuring natural looking results that enhance their features, boost their self confidence and enhances overall health and wellbeing. Dr Diana's patients commend her on her ethical, caring and gentle approach. She has mastered the art and science of blending dentistry, aesthetic medicine and holistic wellbeing for the ultimate transformative experience. 

GDC 252767


Angie Clarke BSc (Hons) Ost 

Angie Clarke is Remedi's Osteopath. She is registered with the GOsC and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy with extensive experience ranging from working within the NHS, private practices as well as having been the resident Osteopath for Chelsea Football Club and the Chelsea Harbour Club.


Angie is recognised by BUPA International and most private medical insurance companies. With over 29 years experience as a qualified Teacher of Fitness Training in the UK and abroad, she advises patients and provides effective treatments for sports injuries and individual rehabilitation programmes. Angie creates treatment plans for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, utilising a combination of manual techniques with a variety of modalities such as Electrotherapy and Myofascial Acupuncture, exercise prescriptions and patient education including ergonomic advice.

As well as Osteopathy, Angie offers Sports, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage. Angie stays at the forefront of Osteopathic advancements as she is committed to continuing professional development specialising in the difference aspects of Osteopathic Healthcare. This dedication ensures that she consistently integrates the latest evidence based practices into her treatment protocols, offering the best care to her patients. Whether Angie is working with professional athletes or individuals seeking relief from pain, Angie's unwavering commitment to improving her patients quality of life is evident in the exceptional care she provides. 

GOsC 5344



Lenka is Remedi's senior aesthetic therapist. Having worked over the past 15 years in prestigious aesthetic clinics around London, she carries a wealth of knowledge in aesthetic medicine. Lenka is responsible for carrying out advanced medical facials and body treatments at Remedi.

Through her career Lenka has developed a unique approach that combines her expertise with a holistic mindset. With her caring nature, meticulous work and passion for energy-based devices such as radio frequency, micro needling and ultrasound, she makes sure that each client receives her utmost attention, given unparalleled results.





Jayne Ellis, founder of High Times Yoga, is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Mediation Teacher, accredited Sound Healer and Personal Breakthrough Coach who has been helping people to expand their consciousness and transform their lives for many years. 

Jayne is passionate about sharing the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and over the years has established her own unique signature style of sharing the teachings whilst also weaving in the healing power of sound using the Alchemy crystal bowls.


Jayne holds regular Kundalini yoga and meditation classes, specialist workshops, sound circles and hosts retreats in Bali and Ibiza. Jayne hosts her popular Kundalini classes every Tuesday evening at Remedi.  



Paris is a clinical hypnotherapist and heads the mental health side of Remedi. She is the founder of Playground of the Mind: a mental wellbeing and hypnotherapy practice for anyone who needs support on their personal journey. She uses hypnotherapy, meditation & breathwork coaching to create balance and harmony.


She provides guidance for clients to gain more control over thoughts and behaviours to become calmer, more confident, and happier. She has successfully changed the negative thought patterns and lives of many individuals with her gentle, nurturing and powerful approach. Paris hosts one-to-one therapy sessions as well as monthly group guided meditation classes.



Andreea is our resident masseuse here at Remedi. Being a Reiki master and having travelled the world learning both western and eastern styles, she radiates her healing energy into every treatment. She incorporates Tibetan sound bowls to bring balance to the body and mind.


Her therapies are truly one of a kind, taking you into a different dimension and leaving you feeling elated and rejuvenated. Andreea has a keen interest in yoga, meditation, spiritual development and life coaching and always wants to further her knowledge and experience.


Dr Roxanna

Dr Roxanna's biggest passion and motivation is helping people, and having the opportunity to enable patients to enhance their beauty in the most natural and holistic way. She is driven by the love for her art and profession, and advocates being highly ethical, honest, and giving positive energy to her patients and the team around her.

She has mastered her trade in providing natural, effective treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.



Dr Nichola

Dr Nichola received her PhD in Physiology from Newcastle University, home to the largest institute for ageing research in Europe. Nichola took her specific expertise in the molecular biology of drug transport and distribution in the body to e-Therapeutics plc, the network pharmacology pioneers, where she worked in early stage drug discovery, specialising in the study of ageing as a biologically complex disorder.

Dr Nichola is an expert in cellular health, with particular focus on the science of ageing well, helping people to reverse their biological age and improve their healthspan. She is on a mission to democratise science and has a skill for translating and demystifying advanced science in a way that leaves the audience feeling empowered with the knowledge to understand what is causing their symptoms at a cellular level and exactly how biohacking tools work as a solution.

At Remedi, Nichola is involved in educating patients through her extensive knowledge of the cellular ageing process as well as reviewing and implementing longevity protocols.


Solene is a holistic practitioner, teaching guided meditation classes whilst harnessing the power of crystal quartz sound bowls. She has been a Yoga instructor since 2015, beginning her journey learning Vinyasa and Yin yoga, and then advancing to Hatha and guided meditation whilst embarking on a long spiritual immersion in Bali. Her mission in life is to reveal people's true light and deep happiness. Her signature classes here at Remedi involve a fusion of light breath work, a crystal bowl sound bath, and yin yoga to bring a complete balancing of the mind, body and soul.

“The Remedi experience has left me not only looking my best, but has significantly changed my outlook on things. I'm finding myself having fallen back in love with life and accepting all the different emotions, as they are, and am able to accept and love myself (something which I was never taught to do). Thank you to all the team at Remedi.”



Head Massage
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