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At Remedi, we have helped many on their path to total fulfilment and joy. We do not believe that we should merely exist. To grow and operate at your optimum, we would need to address all aspects of the human form, including the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and intellectual.


“Harmony exists only when we have a good balance between all the dimensions of our being. At Remedi, we have created a space to really allow everyone to heal, rise and be their best, irrespective of background and upbringing. The satisfaction we get from helping people is truly immeasurable and what drives us to provide the best service.”  Dr Nima


The abstract sculpture with the hourglass depicts the notion of time, which is a universal concept that affects us all. Remedi’s ethos is strongly based on this. From the numerous aesthetic treatments aimed to keep you looking youthful and slow down the effects of time on our external; to the variety of mindfulness and meditation classes, allowing us to be more focused on the present; and even hypnotherapy sessions, taking us back to deal with certain issues preventing us from looking to the present and future. 



Our Sand and Sea pendant combines delicately suspended clear crystal and gold glazed ripples from echoing the shared forms of dunes and waves, aiming to evoke the textures of these landscapes and their natural meeting point. Another feature instilling a sense of calm and clarity.


Take a step into our tranquil wellness clinic where serenity meets rejuvenation and leave the chaos of the world behind. Remedi is dedicated to nurturing your mind, body and soul.

Our dedicated team of experts are committed to guiding you on a journey of health and holistic wellbeing.

Whether you are seeking healing, maximising your health or relaxation, we encourage you to embark on your wellness journey with us at Remedi.



Our multi-use mezzanine space is used to enhance you on a cellular level during the day, with our array of customised intravenous nutritional drips, whilst nurturing your mind and body during the evenings with the numerous mindfulness, sound healing and yoga sessions. At Remedi, we focus on every aspect of the human form.

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