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Cropped portrait of beautiful woman in white bathrobe sitting in armchair and receiving IV

Health & Wellness

At Remedi we take an individually tailored holistic approach to health and wellness. We offer a range of alternative treatments with our medical team who are the best in their field. Remedi believes in a total body approach to wellness. We only offer high-quality, effective therapies to sustain long term health.

Blood Test

Diagnostic Testing

 At Remedi we offer a wide range of diagnostic testing using reputable accredited laboratories and follow up consultations with our experienced in-house medical health practitioners.

The IV drip chamber, tubing, and bag of solution..jpg

Intravenous & Intramuscular Nutritional Therapy  

 Our IV nutrient therapy consists of the highest quality vitamins, minerals and amino acids specially formulated to naturally boost health and wellness. At Remedi we offer a range of IV therapies which can be tailor-made to your specific needs.

Woman patient visiting female doctor at clinic office. Medical work writes a prescription

Wellness Plans

Book in with one of our experienced health practitioners where we can assess and discuss your health needs and wellness goals. We can then carefully formulate a personalised plan with our in-house practitioners to get you on track with your health needs. Whether it may be boosting your immune system, detoxing, improving sleep or improving skin health, we have a specific plan for you.

Doctor's Appointment

Integrated Medicine

With a unique and holistic approach to health and wellbeing, our integrative medicine consultant assesses and creates bespoke individual care plans based on scientific clinical research and evidence to find the root causes of the effects that factors such as environment and nutrition has on each person. With this approach we can regenerate and optimise health.  

Young man getting acupuncture treatment, closeup.jpg


Acupuncture is a technique whereby thin needles are painlessly and strategically inserted into the skin, to achieve numerous benefits both physically and emotionally.

At Remedi our Osteopath uses acupuncture as a modality to relieve particular body ailments. 

Osteopath at Work


 At Remedi we offer Osteopathy treatments focusing on total body health by treating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework to help resolve body pain and to help you rediscover movement and exercise without discomfort. Using a range of innovative methods, our highly experienced Osteopath can get you back to feeling empowered and healthy again. 

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