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For our comprehensive price list, please click here. We recommend opting into our monthly membership programmes or individual packages for great treatment savings.

REMEDI Monthly Packages 

Revive  £450 *

One Off Wellness Consultation

1x Express Hydrafacial

1x Spirituality Session

4x Biohacking Sessions


Restore  £550 *

One Off Wellness Consultation

1x Express Hydrafacial

1x Intramuscular Booster Shot of Choice

1x Spirituality Session

6x Bio-Hacking Sessions

Rejuvenate £750*

One Off Wellness Consultation

1x Express Hydrafacial

1x Intramuscular Booster Shot of Choice

2x Spirituality Sessions

8x Bio-Hacking Sessions

Ultimate Remedi £999 *

Monthly Wellness Consultation

1x Tailormade intravenous drip

2 x Express Hydrafacials

4 x Spirituality classes

10x  Biohacking sessions

*Please note the Emerald laser is not part of the Biohacking sessions.


A true mind, body and soul experience, resetting, detoxifying, improving immunity, heart health, fitness, mental health and glowing skin, all in a day.


1x Infrared Sauna

1x Rebalance impulse

1x Cryotherapy Chamber

1x Express Hydrafacial

(SAVING £980)

For weight loss and and overall wellness, this package uses a combined approach to help you on your weight loss journey and boosting your overall health. When using Emerald laser, on average, people can lose up to 6 inches from the waist. This package is combined with treatments to help you eliminate the fatty acids from the body and boost metabolism. 


10x Emerald Laser sessions 

10x Cryotherapy sessions 

2x Body Balancer sessions

2x Diet and Detox intravenous drips 



Bring yourself back to the present and strengthen your mind. Ideal for those needing to destress, detox, and reset mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


4 x infrared Sauna sessions

4 x Rebalance Impulse sessions

2 x Sound healing sessions


Our advanced hair loss treatment package is a 6 week programme which has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and promote thicker hair formation using an array of scientifically backed technologies. Using stem cell therapy combined with exosomes  can help hair strength and growth without the need for surgical intervention.

6 x Calecim Hair Micro-needling

6 x Dermalux Triwave  MD LED

6x Cryotherapy sessions  

3 x Exosome treatments 


LIFT & RENEW £1350

Significantly lift, renew and hydrate your skin. Ideal for those wanting to reduce laxity, improve skin quality, hydrate and brighten the skin.

1x Morpheus8 + Profilho

1x Hydratite Facial - 2 weeks later

1x Profhilo - 2 weeks later

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