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Enlarged pores are a common cosmetic concern for all ages and skin types, but in particular those who suffer from oily and combination skin. There can be a genetic predisposition or due to poor skin quality. Enlarged pores can also lead to greater occurrence of breakouts.

Skin Analysis

How to prevent enlarged pores:


  • Maintain a clean face by cleansing twice daily and exfoliating once per week.

  • Wear a daily sunscreen (SPF30 or above)

  • Maintain a healthy diet

  • Avoid hot showers

  • Stay hydrated



Treatment for enlarged pores:


At Remedi, we understand the negative impact on self-esteem and have tailormade treatments that can help you prevent and treat enlarged pores.

Morpheus8: uses small needles and radiofrequency to create tiny punctures on the skin surface, which in turn encourages the body to renew and rebuild the skin cells. This repair process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.


Dermapen: is a microneedling treatment that helps stimulate new collagen and elastin production resulting in radiant skin.

Chemical peels: help accelerate cellular turnover and force excess sebum out of pores, reducing the volume within them, therefore diminishing their appearance.

Plenhyage: a regenerative medical device using polynucleotides to provide antioxidant support, protect and reduce cell damage caused by UV rays and scars.

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