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Skin tags are benign, non-harmful growths of the skin. They usually form in areas within the skin folds of the neck, armpits, breasts, groin area, or eyelids. They are common affecting almost half of the population, and more commonly found in adults and those that are overweight and have diabetes.

Skin Screening

Skin tags are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin


Skin tags do not pose a threat to our health, however, their appearance may cause cosmetic concerns for some. It may also be indicative of an underlying condition.


Sometimes, the skin tag may fall off on its own if it has lost the blood supply. At Remedi, we offer the following procedures for the removal of skin tags:


Surgical removal: removes the skin tag completely, with a small risk of minor bleeding.


Cryotherapy: Freezing the skin tag using a cryotherapy pen, which may lead to short-lived temporary irritation of the site.

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