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Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms the body’s natural coping mechanism, causing feelings of helplessness, diminished sense of self and inability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences. 

Trauma can happen through a variety of negative life events, which may include:

  • Catastrophic injuries or illnesses

  • Childhood abuse (emotional, physical or sexual)

  • War

  • Childhood neglect, abandonment, loss of a parent

  • Rape

  • Natural disasters (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes etc.)

  • Birth stress, for both mother and infant

  • Invasive medical and dental procedures

  • Accidents (such as car crashes, falls, etc.)



Traumatic symptoms are very complex and diverse depending on the event that caused the trauma. Some symptoms include:

  • Flashbacks

  • Hyperactivity or Hypervigilance

  • Nightmare and night terrors 

  • Low-stress threshold

  • Difficulty in sleeping

  • Shame and lack of self-worth

  • Panic attacks, phobias and anxiety

  • Sudden and unexpected shifts in mood

  • Feelings of dissociation

  • Problems with handling intense emotions


What can be done

To begin a healing journey from trauma, one’s most basic needs must be met first before one become motivated to achieve higher-level needs. 


A supportive social network and appropriate support groups, a reconnection with a nurturing environment. Community connection. Eight hours of restful night's sleep. Regular exercise. Regular massages or other body therapies. Regular exposure to anti-inflammatory scents such as lavender, acts of kindness, and gratitude practice.


At Remedi, we have a number of experts and techniques that can help you on the path to working through the trauma, allowing you to move past it and live a life free of fear.

Guided Meditation – The stress reaction in the body is triggered several times a day; meditation affects the body in precisely the opposite ways that stress does—by triggering the body's relaxation response. It restores the body to a calm state, helping it repair itself and preventing new damage from the physical effects of stress.


Breathwork – Breathwork exercises, especially deep breathing, counter the effects of the stress hormone in the body. It increases the oxygen supply to the brain and engages the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting calmness.


Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy aims to break negative thought patterns and responses to stress and provide you with a healthier reaction. This is done via the subconscious - the part of our mind that works automatically and without realising it.  


Rebalance Impulse – This non-invasive stimulation and cognitive training device is based on applied neurosciences devoted to fighting stress and preventing health problems. After a few (sometimes only one) 30-minute session, each user discovers their ideal relaxation method and unlocks the keys to controlling stress.


Infrared Sauna - Our award-winning Sunlighten infrared sauna is another clinically proven tool to boost wellness in many aspects, including alleviating stress.

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