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"At Remedi, we aim to take care of all the wellness aspects of your life, including the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. Nurturing these different dimensions of wellness will ultimately help you live the most fulfilled life."  — DR NIMA

About Section

The Perfect Harmony

Our serene wellness space will sooth the senses from the moment you step through our doors with every design feature being carefully crafted and co-ordinated to bring you perfect harmony.

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Be Your Truest and Best Version

Our array of holistic therapies includes both state of the art medical devices, coupled with true experts in their respected fields. Whatever the ailment, we are here to help you evolve to your truest and best version.


Our Ethos

Our ethos is based on the notion of time. Whether we’re looking to turn back the effects of time on our physical appearance through the various cosmetic treatment options; dealing with certain emotional blocks that have stopped us from moving forward; or looking to be more present in the now via our numerous mindfulness classes and workshops; we have you covered.

Vitamin Infusions

An effective way of getting 100% absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids straight into the blood stream. It is administered by qualified medical professionals and the whole treatment usually lasts 45mins.

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday (Thur*)

Clinic hours 10am - 5pm

(*Thursday Noon - 8pm)

Holistic Classes 

Mon - Wed 6pm - 9pm


11am - 4pm



Our Location


1 Ace Way, Nine Elms 

London, England SW11 7BF

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