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Excess fat and cellulite can cause a variety of cosmetic and health issues. It may cause an irregular contouring and dimpled cottage cheese appearance caused by fat cells protruding due to constricted fibrous bands under the skin. Excess fat can also effect your metabolic systems resulting in reduced function of organs and potential chronic diseases.

Cellulite Reduction

At Remedi, we specialise in tailor-made preventative regimes and treatments to target excess fat and cellulite.


General Health and Wellness consultation: During this 30-minute consultation, our resident specialist will go through various questions and lifestyle habits that will allow you to operate at your optimum level.


Emerald Laser: This revolutionary laser safely removes, on average, around 6 inches of fat with no downtime and no side effects. The added benefit of increasing ATP levels by up to 400%, significantly improving our energy levels.


Trusculpt FlexWithin 15 minutes, our FDA-approved device can provide 54,000 contractions onto the muscle, enhancing muscle tone, strength and fat reduction.


Morpheus8: can be used to help with localised fat deposits, sagging skin and cellulite reduction.

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