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Looking After Your Spiritual Wellness at Remedi London

When it comes to overall fulfilment in your life, the spiritual side of existence should not be forgotten about. While we all have spiritual beliefs and connections in our own unique ways and to varying degrees; they can often be overshadowed by the pressures of modern life and not prioritised as much as they should be. Have you been feeling unfulfilled and less connected in life? Perhaps you have been neglecting to nurture your spiritual sense of self? We can help.

What is spirituality?

This refers to our innermost thoughts, feelings and individual existence overall. What stirs your soul? What lights up your brain? What passion(s) consumes your thoughts? What triggers your gut feelings? While it can be interpreted in many ways, spirituality is the essence of who you are at your innermost core. That is why spiritual wellness is often referred to as ‘inner work’ as it involves delving deep into your psyche to invigorate what (perhaps subconsciously) drives you in life.

What are spiritual wellness treatments?

These are treatments which work to tap into everything touched on above. But how is this done and what are some examples of these treatments?

Sound Therapy (also known as sound healing) works by exuding sounds, vibrations and energies that resonate on a deeper spiritual level - stirring thoughts, feelings and sensations that the routine of everyday life can fail to appeal to. The sounds can help people drift into a comfortable and meditative state which reveals innermost thoughts and feelings to resonate on.

Guided Meditation is an act that is globally practiced and revered across many cultures throughout history and still to this very day. It involves your meditation practice being guided by a Remedi therapist to help you ease into your body and mind while relaxing both the physical and spiritual aspects of yourself too - dedicated time for these aspects of your being.

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga which is optimised to promote spiritual enlightenment. It is a practice that has been widely studied and researched has been shown to help not just to ease stress, soothe anxiety and enhance cognitive function; but also to help positively boost both appreciation and perception of one’s self.

How can this help?

Giving dedicated time, attention and treatment to your spiritual side is a key form of self-care and wellness. Treatments in this sphere can help you to work through physical and mental blocks that may be holding you back in life, they can help you to feel much more enthused about life and inspired about life in general too and overall can help you to act and feel more whole and renewed as you give time and attention to an imperative part of your very being. Delve deeper into yourself here at our custom-built clinic in Nine Elms.

Looking After Your Spiritual Wellness at Remedi London

Everything we do and everything we offer here at Remedi London is tailored and optimised to enhance your quality of life and richness of experience. With us you can enjoy the metropolitan of London and the minutiae of your inner self - the best of both worlds while building your world view and exploring more of yourself too.

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