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How Does Diet Affect Your Skin?

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ really rings true when it comes to your skin. This is because research, studies and even anecdotal accounts all tell of a link between what we eat and how our nutrition is as a major factor that dictates the appearance, condition and health of our skin. If you are wondering how does diet affect your skin, here we explain three major factors to be aware of.

Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol can dehydrate the body and therefore dehydrate the skin too. This can lead to your skin losing its natural glow and gaining a dull appearance instead. It can also lead to an increase in the amount of fine lines and wrinkles which appear on the skin as the dehydration causes it to contract and become less pump and firm. Those who suffer from rosacea also report how alcohol can cause this to flare up and become more severe. Technically a poison to the body, when we drink our body has to expend energy and effort to try and detox the effects of the alcohol. This can in turn divert essential minerals and vitamins away from the skin to help do this, taking away nutrition and care from our skin.

Diet: Dr. Nima, one of the founders of Remedi London, explains: “A healthy and well-balanced diet is essential. Make sure to have food rich in the likes of Omega 3 and healthy oils such as fish and nuts as these help to nourish and in some sense ‘feed’ your skin with what it loves.” The rule of thumb with the foods you consume applies to your overall health and your skin health too. Unprocessed whole foods such as fruits, nuts, oils and vegetables are packed with nutrients, devoid of preservatives - for the most part - and serve to help keep your body (and therefore your skin) healthy and working at an optimal level. Consider more highly processed foods as a treat to enjoy now and then.

Water and Hydration: We know that water is essential for all of our bodily functions and drinking enough water / staying adequately hydrated is paramount for our skin. Dr. Nima explains: “Drink lots of water, up to 2 - 3 litres per day. This is essential for our body and it helps to keep your skin hydrated (thus less dry) and helps your digestive system flush toxins out of your body to help keep your skin clear, healthy and hydrated.” Green tea also deserves a notable mention here as it is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties - making it a key skin detox beverage that is well worth including in your regular diet and nutrition. Your skin will thank you for it.

How Does Diet Affect Your Skin?

Just like with sleep and stress, your diet can also affect your skin in so many ways - good and bad. The more you understand this and act upon it, your skin will thank you for it with noticeable and maintainable results and improvements. We offer a range of skincare treatments here at Remedi London including powerful products, vitamin infusion IV drips, medical grade facials and more.

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